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Choosing the right wedding DJ

Posted on January 27, 2014 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (6)

I know that it is only January but wedding season is approaching fast. Perspective brides should start looking now to book the entertainment for their special day. The most popular form of wedding entertainment is the wedding DJ. When you begin your search you will stumble across plenty of vendor options. The big question is, which DJ is right for me? There are many sites out there that provide helpful insight into what makes a good wedding DJ. My 10+ years of experience in event services has taught me a few things. First, 90% of DJ companies or personal DJ's provide the same musical selections. Second, any DJ that advertises, uses professional sound equipment. Third, all professional DJ's provide a professional exterior. If any of these three elements are not present then you need to immediately skip that vendor. So what seperates one DJ for the next? Following the three points that I just made I will break it down.

Musical selection is a matter of simply having access to the music itself. The most important things is how well the DJ knows your particular genre of music. Some DJ's specialize in specific genres and formats. For most weddings it is important to ensure that your DJ has a diverse knowledge of music. The guests at your reception will never collectively have the same taste. So a flexible DJ is important. However, if you do want one type of music, then you should ensure that  your DJ is fluent in that genre.

The equipment that your DJ will be using is important for several reasons. When dealing with professional audio equipment, sound quality comes at a price. You should always ensure that the DJ or company that you go with will be providing a recognizable name brand of sound equipment. Otherwise you might just end up with a great DJ that sounds terrible. Also, you should also ask a few questions:

- Do you provide back up equipment or what happens in case of equipment failure?

- What media do you use to perform? (Record, CD, Digital or Computer based, etc.........)

The answers to these questions are very important. You should always ensure that there is a plan for equipment failure. A lot of DJ's come out and set up for your event with no back up plan in place. This can end in disaster. If they cannot provide back up equipment then it is my recommendation to look for another DJ. The media that they use is important if they are a digital DJ. Beware of any digital DJ that doesn't use a MAC. PC based computers don't have the power to run most computer DJ programs to full capacity. This can cause the music to pause or the system to crash. From experience, it is best to avoid 10 minute no music intermissions.

The last and most important thing is the person. All DJ's understand appropriate event attire and presentation. When you meet with your DJ it is important to get to know them. When you hire them you are going to have to be able to deal with them for the duration of the planning and preparation process. This means that you have to be able to communicate and work with them. You should request a face to face meeting to discuss everything before deciding to hire anyone. This will provide a great opportunity to get to know the individaul. That will help you make your decision.

Wedding DJ's are an important part of the event services industry. There are noticable differences if you know which questions to ask. We hope that this helps in your decision making process. For more questions visit our website: http://www.blockpartyevents.com/faq