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Our Lighting Design Team

At Block Party Productions we take pride in providing you the latest in event lighting technology. Lighting can make your event come to life. That is the goal of our lighting specialists and designers. When you book with us our event consultant will work a long side a lighting design professional that understands how to turn your venue into a warm and memorable environment. All of our lighting concepts can be put together in any combination. We take pride in providing flexibility in concepts and pricing. We work with you to ensure that your event is to your exact specifications. Contact us today to ensure that your next event is one of a kind.

Uplighting and Wash Lighting

The best way to amaze your guests as they enter the room is to include uplighting in your event package. Our uplighting is operated with computerized DMX software and gives you the option to make your venue virtually any color. This has become one of the most popular effects in event lighting. It will set the perfect ambiance and mood to keep your guest engaged. It is perfect for weddings, corporate events, and proms. Speak with your event consultant about making this a part of your event lighting package.

Pin Spot Lighting

Your event will stand out with this lighting concept. This is the latest phenomenon in event lighting. Ensure that your table centerpiece or key objects throughout the room make a statement. The narrow beam of light enhances the object that it is directed towards without overpowering the rest of the venue. This is perfect for complimenting uplighting and allows for a darker and more intimate setting. Our pin spots can be grouped together or placed strategically throughout the room depending on your venue. 

These are controlled with a DMX computer based software and can be pointed with precision accuracy. Ask your event consultant about adding this amazing concept that is sure to make your event stand out.

Sound Active Party Lighting

Our sound activated party lighting is a simple and inexpensive way for you to take your next party or event to the next level. We use a blend of chase, motion, wash lighting, and lasers to ensure that your guests are amazed. Our lighting design team ensures that your event packaged is balance and presents a professional image. Depending on your event this package can include fog machines to enhance the effect of the lighting. This type of lighting is recommended for private parties, social events, and bars/night clubs. Talk with your event consultant to decide if this is the right lighting effect for you.

Intelligent Lighting

Our DMX lighting is all operated through computerized software. This is intelligent lighting that can be specifically designed for your venue and event. We provide an array of motion lighting, lasers, and center piece lighting. Our DMX lighting combined with our lighting design team brings the club to you. We recommend that you add fog machines to this lighting to enhance the effect. Talk with your event consultant to see if this is the right lighting for you.

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Questions to ask when lighting your event?

Are you looking for a DJ with lights or a lighting specialist?

Does the lighting service provide an on site technician to operate and ensure there are no technical difficulties with the lighting?

Does the lighting company have insurance?

If the event is outdoors, does the event company have weather rated lighting?

How much lighting do I actually need?

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